Burberry Lip Cover

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Please excuse the dark circles and messy hair... Unfortunately, I have no excuse! I actually received this mini sized Burberry Lip Cover lipstick in a Glossybox months ago. I've long since unsubscribed but I thought I'd share this little gem of a lipstick with you. This is possibly the cutest little lip product I've ever seen, it's like a baby lipstick. The full size will undoubtedly be far less adorable, but I can safely say that the quality will be just as amazing. Rosewood No 04 is definitely not a shade I would normally go for. I tend to stick to my corals and pinks, rarely venturing to the dark side. It's probably more of an Autumn/Winter lip shade, for those of you who like to rotate your makeup with the seasons. Since this is a sheer cover lipstick, it's not as daunting to wear as I first expected. It seems to be a mauve red in the bullet, but translates on my lips as a brown-based red. I call this my 'grown-up' lipstick - the shade I wear when I want people to take me seriously.

Wear time isn't great, but that's to be expected with a sheer lipstick. It does fade evenly though and avoids the dreaded outer ring of lipstick on the lips. It feels hydrating and doesn't dry my lips out - always a positive. Burberry is a brand which I'd never have even considered for make-up before I was introduced to this lipstick, but I may just have to investigate because I'm thoroughly impressed with this little gem.

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  1. The Burberry packaging is to die for, i really need to try some of their things out! Your make up looks gorgeous!

    Zoe, x

  2. The packaging of the lipsticks would completely win me over! I love that it has the burberry print on the lipstick bullet! xxx

  3. Think this shade reallly suits you! Really want to try one of the Lip Covers, the eyeshadows look amazing too xx

  4. I really love sheer lipsticks! The colour is great on you, I wasn't sure about it in the hand swatches but it looks lovely on your lips xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  5. I ove sheer lipsticks, they tend to be more hydrating and I have so dry lips so a little help in that department is much needed! :)) This is a lovely shade and how cute the size it!!


  6. Such a gorgeous lipsticks and it looks lovely on you

    A little bit Unique




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