Monday Wishlist #4

Monday, 17 September 2012

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
This dress from Miss Selfridge is making me seriously want to go shopping! I love the collar detail, the colours, the style, everything. I feel like it could be a great transitional piece for Autumn too - I'm picturing ankle boots and a leather jacket! I've heard that Hydraluron is great for dehydrated skin, which I feel that I have since my skin feels dry and flaky once I've washed it, but gets really oily throughout the day. I'm still venturing into using eyeshadow more often, so I'm sticking with neutral colours and this Stila In the Light Palette seems right up my street! I did want the UD Naked palette, but I can't justify shelling out £30-odd quid at the moment. I still don't own a MAC lipstick but I spied Vegas Volt and I'm in lust. Do I really need another coral lipstick? Yes, the answer is always yes. Finally, I made my very first Origins order last week and I want to try so much more from this brand already. The Clear Improvements mask is definitely next on my list because I do suffer from clogged pores and again, I've heard great things about this mask.

What are you lusting after this week?

MUA Lipsticks

Friday, 14 September 2012

It seems like everyone is going mad for budget beauty brand MUA recently. With most of their items priced at just £1 and receiving great reviews, it's hard to resist! I picked up a couple of their lipsticks in shade #15 Juicy and #4.

First off, the packaging doesn't excite me. The lid on shade #15 is very loose and keeps falling off - not great! They have black plastic packaging with silver writing - not the most glamorous, but what can you expect for £1? The one thing I do like about the packaging is that at the bottom there's a small pot of the lipstick which screws off, and you have a little extra product there! And it means you can see the actual lipstick colour rather than a label representation.

On to the actual product... I have to say, I'm disappointed. Maybe I hyped these up too much from reading such great reviews, but I'm really not a fan. Shade #15 is much more pigmented than #4 and it's a gorgeous colour, but the staying power isn't there for me. This barely lasts an hour for me and if I eat or drink anything - forget it. However, I do love the colour so this one is worth the constant retouching just for that.

As for #4, I'll probably never use it. The pigmentation is non-existent. It looks okay swatched on my hand, but I tried it on my lips and it just looked like a balm. I could see no colour at all on my lips which was a shame as it looked like a gorgeous colour in the tube.

I hate to write a negative review, but I really was disappointed! The difference in pigmentation between these 2 lipsticks was massive, and it does make me a little hesitant to try more of their lipsticks in case I come across another #4! I feel like I shouldn't complain because they were only £1 after all. It does have to be said that MUA have some star products like their eyeshadow palettes, and perhaps some of the lipsticks have better pigmentation than others and I just got unlucky with #4!

Have you tried any of the MUA range? What do you think?

New Haircare Range @ Lush!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Once again, I'm sorry for the Blackberry photos - still haven't managed to bring my camera back to life!

Last Friday (07/09) I attended a haircare launch night at my local Lush store. I'm a huge Lush fan, but I've never actually tried any of their hair products so I took this as a great opportunity to see what I'm missing out on - quite a lot, apparently! There are 8 new products that have been added to the haircare range, so I think there's definitely something for everyone.

1. Sea Spray Hair Mist £9.95/100g - I've tried so many sea sprays, but this one seemed different as it contains essential oils such as grapefruit oil which gives a lovely scent to the product. It claims to give body, volume and hold so it's more of a styling product than anything else.

2. BIG Solid Conditioner £9.00/100g - BIG Shampoo is one of Lush's biggest selling haircare products, so I can imagine this solid conditioner will be a big hit! It's absolutely loaded with coconut oil and smells divine. We were shown a demo of how to use this, and the creaminess of it is unreal. It also contains sea salt for volume and lemon and lime juice for shine.

3. Superbalm £12.00/45g - This is a hair treatment aimed at those who suffer from dry, irritated scalps. It doesn't appeal to me particularly, but I did have a little feel of the balm and it felt so nourishing so I can imagine it will really help those with troublesome scalps. It contains lots of lovely, good-for-you ingredients like lavender oil and extra virgin coconut oil.

4. Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume £9.00/100g, £18.00/250g - Now this is right up my street. I love when I use a product and I can still smell it on my hair hours later. It smells so good! The main scents are neroli, rose and grapefruit so as you can imagine, it's a really lovely fragrance, not too overpowering - very subtle but gorgeous.

5. Shine So Bright Hair Balm £4.50/10g - This is a super nourishing balm for split ends - we all have them, right?! It has quite an oily consistency, but we were told that a tiny little bit goes a long way so if used correctly and just on the ends of your hair, it won't weigh down your hair or make it look greasy/oily. Again, this is packed with amazing ingredients like shea butter and lots of lovely essential oils!

6. Fair Trade Honey Shampoo £7.00/100g, £14.00/250g, £23.50/500g - I'm not going to lie, I ran for the hills when I saw this. The smell of honey makes me so nauseous, I absolutely hate it! But I do know that honey has some great benefits, and I can imagine that if you like the scent of honey, you'll love this and I'd love to hear if anyone has tried it and what they think!

7. Roots Hair Treatment £9.95/225g - This is a treatment for fine or thinning hair. I have super fine, flat hair so I might have squealed a little when I spotted this product! I bought it, but haven't tried it yet so expect a full review when I do. The treatment is infused with fresh mint and peppermint oil and it smells so gorgeous. I can't wait to use this!

8. Blousey Shampoo £18.00/240g - The final product in the new haircare range - and one which I incidentally forgot to photograph - is the Blousey shampoo. This is aimed at those of us who have bleached, colour damaged or naturally fragile hair. It's crammed full of fresh bananas which really come through in the scent of the product, and they're an amazing ingredient for restoring nourishment and shine to lack-lustre hair!

I also entered a raffle on the night and I actually won! I was in complete shock because I don't think I've ever won anything in my life. I actually said out loud "I never win anything!" before my name was called out, cue me shouting in the middle of the shop "shut uuuup" in true TOWIE style. Slightly mortifying. But it was worth it, as I had a full hair consultation and got to pick some lovely goodies which I will be trialling and reviewing very soon!

I'd like to thank LUSH Dundee and all of the lovely girls working there for a great night, and I'm looking forward to the next one already!

Have you tried any of Lush's new hair care products, or anything from their hair care range at all? I'd love to know what your stand-out products are!

Sleek Blush in Pixie Pink

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Swatched lightly on left, swatched heavily on right
I feel like my blog is turning into the ramblings of a lip product junkie, so I thought I'd better not do yet another lip product review today! This was a pretty bold choice of cheek colour for me, as I usually stick with my trusty Benefit Sugarbomb. I've already tried Sleek's blush in Rose Gold (review here) which I do really like. I saw this in Superdrug and was feeling adventurous, so I took the plunge and I'm so glad I did.

This blush is quite a cool pink colour, it's completely different to anything else I have blusher-wise and it's a matte shade, again something which is unique in my blusher collection. I don't find this to be quite as pigmented as Rose Gold, but it does give a lovely rosy pink colour when applied and I really really like it! I just swirl a little bit on the apples of my cheeks and it gives such a nice flush of colour. I can imagine it being easy to go overboard with this and end up looking like a clown, but applied lightly it looks gorgeous.

As always, the packaging of the product is lovely. I do love Sleek's packaging, I love the matte casing and the little compact mirror which really comes in handy. The only issue I have with it is that I find it difficult to open, but that might just be me. I always end up having to force it open and my finger ends up in the blush in the process - I made a huge dent in my Rose Gold by doing this but again, it's probably just clumsy me.

Sleek is such an affordable, great quality brand and this is another product which hasn't failed to impress me. It cost £4.49 and can be found online here or in most Superdrug stores.

Sleek Makeup also have 20% off until the 9th of September, so I'd definitely recommend picking up a few bits and pieces before then to save some pennies!


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