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Friday, 14 September 2012

It seems like everyone is going mad for budget beauty brand MUA recently. With most of their items priced at just £1 and receiving great reviews, it's hard to resist! I picked up a couple of their lipsticks in shade #15 Juicy and #4.

First off, the packaging doesn't excite me. The lid on shade #15 is very loose and keeps falling off - not great! They have black plastic packaging with silver writing - not the most glamorous, but what can you expect for £1? The one thing I do like about the packaging is that at the bottom there's a small pot of the lipstick which screws off, and you have a little extra product there! And it means you can see the actual lipstick colour rather than a label representation.

On to the actual product... I have to say, I'm disappointed. Maybe I hyped these up too much from reading such great reviews, but I'm really not a fan. Shade #15 is much more pigmented than #4 and it's a gorgeous colour, but the staying power isn't there for me. This barely lasts an hour for me and if I eat or drink anything - forget it. However, I do love the colour so this one is worth the constant retouching just for that.

As for #4, I'll probably never use it. The pigmentation is non-existent. It looks okay swatched on my hand, but I tried it on my lips and it just looked like a balm. I could see no colour at all on my lips which was a shame as it looked like a gorgeous colour in the tube.

I hate to write a negative review, but I really was disappointed! The difference in pigmentation between these 2 lipsticks was massive, and it does make me a little hesitant to try more of their lipsticks in case I come across another #4! I feel like I shouldn't complain because they were only £1 after all. It does have to be said that MUA have some star products like their eyeshadow palettes, and perhaps some of the lipsticks have better pigmentation than others and I just got unlucky with #4!

Have you tried any of the MUA range? What do you think?


  1. Shade 15 does look like such a nice colour, such a shame about the lasting power though! xx

  2. I have shade 5 and it's a gorgeous shade but the lasting power is awful, 30-45 minutes maximum and like you it's without eating or drinking. Still, they glide on and I will keep using it for during the day although i'd use a longer lasting lipstick for night :)


  3. I did a review and had the exact same issues!! Xxxx

  4. I had the exact same problem! I think people let the price make them think its a good product when theyre actually not! Id rather pay a few more £'s for one that actually shows up. I agree they are naff lol! xx

  5. they are really hit and miss but for £1 you can't expect much! The top one is really pretty though!


  6. I love MUA as a brand but their lipsticks don't excite me either x

  7. i havent tried MUA but ive heard good things! :)

  8. yeah I agree with you! I bought it in Nectar, it looks pretty but doesn't come across well on the lips at all, and barely stays on for half an hour! x

  9. I love Mua lipsticks, they last ok on me and for £1 I can live with that. If your lookin for longer lasting, but still cheap, try the new Vivo cosmetics matte lipsticks. I have one in wow pink and it lasted ages and is a steal at £1.99! You do need to use a lipbalm first tho :)
    Gem x



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