Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday EDP

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

nicki minaj pink friday perfume

Since I quit smoking in January, I've become a little bit of a perfume addict. Before I quit smoking, I would wear perfume but I never really appreciated it because the smell of tobacco smoke almost always overpowered the fragrance as soon as I sparked up. Now I appreciate smelling nice and not just for the whole 5 minutes before I leave the house. Perfume-wise, I'm a fan of fruity, light scents for daytime wear, and something a little deeper, muskier and sexier for evenings.

Joining the plethora of celebrities launching signature fragrances is Nicki Minaj. I was expecting her scent to be a little off-the-wall and crazy, and probably not to everyone's taste. But with Pink Friday*, I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with a sweet, non-offensive and fairly agreeable scent that I think a lot of young girls and women alike would be happy to spritz themselves with. I'm rubbish at describing scents, but this perfume has base notes of vanilla and caramelized pear, top notes of starfruit and Italian mandarin, and heart notes of gardenia and jasmine petals - definitely appealing to my girlier side! Scent aside, the perfume is presented in a bottle which is a little different, to say the least. It represents Minaj's upper body/head and to get to the spray nozzle, you literally pull her head off. Ever so slightly unsettling for some, but the bottle is robust and does its job. I can safely say that this perfume stands out from the rest of my collection, at least.

In terms of wear-time, I still catch whiffs of this hours after I've sprayed it, which is good news for me. The scent doesn't change too much once it's applied to the skin, it just delivers a lingering fruity, uplifting scent. I reckon I'll be popping Nicki's head into my suitcase with me this summer for a much-needed spritz of sunshine.

What do you think about celebrities launching fragrances? Have you tried Nicki Minaj's offering?

*This product was sent to me free of charge with the purpose of reviewing it on my blog. All views are honest, as always.

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  1. oooh I have wanted this for ages, it sounds lovely! I think half the reason I wanted ti was because of the bottle anyway ! xoxo

  2. One of the scariest perfume bottles I have ever seen x

  3. The fragrance described for this sounds every so amazing! I am a huge fan of vanilla and fruity scents so really wanting to try this out for myself :D the starfruit sounds very interesting too x

  4. I am just as surprised as you to find out this scent is not a little on the crazy side. Definitely very tempted to try this out, but may be bias because I am a fan of hers. x

  5. This sounds delicious and it looks very cool and quirky, will be on the lookout! xx



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