Luna Twilight Palette - Bella

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I wanted to hate the Twilight films, I really did. But they are a somewhat guilty pleasure of mine. Twilight Beauty have released a make-up range to complement the movie saga, one area of the range being "Luna Twilight". There are several face palettes in the collection which contain 1 blusher, 2 eyeshadows and 2 lip colours and these come in the variations Team Edward, Team Jacob, Bella, Alice and Rosalie.

Out of all of the palettes, Luna Twilight Bella* is the one which I was most attracted to because it looks like it could be used to create a neutral, everyday look. Firstly, the packaging is very compact. It's about the size of a credit card, so yes it's great to take on the go, but it means that it's difficult to actually use the eyeshadow and lip glosses as they are so small.

The blush is a very light peachy pink, it's not highly pigmented so if you're not pale (I'd say NW15 or less) then this won't work for you. I find myself having to build up the colour a LOT to get the slightest colour pay-off, so the finish can end up a little powdery. The eyeshadows are quite neutral brown/peach shimmer colours. They're soft and easy to work with, but again, the pigmentation is lacking. As for the lip colours, I didn't bother to include a swatch of them as the pigmentation is non-existent. They feel nice and non-sticky, but that's about it. I understand that this palette is meant for a neutral look and I did use the palette to replace my usual eye, lip and cheek colours, but I just found myself having to use so much of each product that I couldn't see it lasting very long at all.

Basically, if you're as pale as Bella Swan then you might be able to work with this, but if not then this might not be for you. I can't speak for the other colour palettes in the range, but I wasn't particularly impressed with this item.


  1. the colors are gorgeous! xx

  2. What a disappointment about the pigmentation. The colours actually look really pretty. Expensive for what it is. Thanks for the review :) x

  3. The colours look lovely but its quite expensive! Great post
    I was your 300 FOLLOWER! ♥
    Love Abi xxx



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