Look Beauty Loud Lips - Toffee Cup

Sunday, 10 February 2013

I've been searching for the perfect nude lipstick for months now and I think I've finally found it. I bought this online when Look Beauty had 50% off, so this only cost me £3.50 which is a complete bargain considering the quality of the lipstick. It's pigmented, super creamy and not drying on me at all. I found that most nudes I tried either washed me out as I'm quite pale, or were too brown-based but Toffee Cup is the perfect nude for my skin tone. It seems to add just enough warmth due to the peach tones, and I love wearing this with a smokey eye as it's so understated. The one thing I really dislike about these lipsticks is the packaging. They have a metallic close which isn't particularly strong, so I can't just chuck this in my bag and know that it will be 'safe'.

What is your perfect nude lipstick? Have you tried Look Beauty's lipsticks?


  1. This looks gorgeous! I really want a nude lipstick too but most do really not suit me at all (far too pale!) but I might give this a go.

    I'm with you on the packaging, far too bulky and the lid always comes off in my bag! xo

  2. That lipstick looks amazing. I did not know the brand before but I must definately try it! :) Thanks, keep up the good work girl <333
    Love, anna

  3. that colour looks gorgeous but just heard some terrible things about look! x

  4. That looks gorgeous :) you should have put a pic up of you wearing it :D x

  5. I love the packaging! I haven't tried look beauty before though. Do they have a website? Thanks for sending over your link after #bbloggers xxx

  6. I am yet to find a superdrug that has a look beauty stand ! its so fustrating as this looks fab xx

  7. This looks really nice, I'd love to see it on as I've also been searching for the perfect peachy-nude, but not sure if this one would be slightly more brown-toned than I'm after? Doesn't look it in the swatch, but seems to be darker in the bullet.
    Mel xx



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